Luxury decoration

Beauty is a thing of at least two and here it is allied with good taste, demonstrating how ‘glamor’ can be installed in our homes and become an inspiration.

Luxury has different faces, which show different versions of itself, which maintain, yes, its style intact. As in a ‘remake’ of a film, we witness new ways of understanding it and of approaching it, we only have to find the one that best suits us and our home.

Original version

Sometimes the luxury is the details, the proportions, the distribution that makes the spaces look serene, balanced, with harmony. It is the pleasure of beauty, even of ‘operated’ beauty, that you can not stop looking and pretending. Other times it shows its most lavish and exaggerated aspect, that which recreates excessive atmospheres that, however, do not cause rejection but admiration, where the excess of everything – from furniture to colors or works of art – conquers and excites us.

The quiet luxury

It is almost always ‘l’art de vivre’, good taste and the ability to get excited. It is quieter, quieter, the one that enhances the soul of the house, that takes advantage of the columns, the old pavements, the wood on the roof … It does not need much to achieve glory and sophistication, but it is not easy to achieve . It is enriched with unique and special pieces, well located. Many are not necessary, since he flees from ostentation, but they are really exclusive. Its value lies in achieving that a beautiful space, but without ‘soul’ can find and trap in it the sophistication and good taste. A complicated exercise in decorative style.

Pure excess

Opulence, waste maximalism … Everything is given in these spaces, where nothing is missing, but nothing is left over. It is excess, they are magnificent materials – marble is a sure value -, where there is no shortage of golden glitters, textures and wonderful fabrics that dress windows and upholster sofas. We are talking about velvets-a classic ‘de luxe’-, silks and rich jacquards, but also classic prints -adorado de gallo- or modern geometries in cushions and blankets. This new luxury, more transgressive and daring, shows the most extravagant side of the house and is only suitable for ‘brave’, who are not afraid to live to the limit, in the fine barrier that separates good taste from the most absolute horror. To bet on this version you must be very sure of what you do and of yourself.

Collector’s spirit

Art in Motion. And we do not only refer to painting, photography and sculpture – almost always synonyms of luxury – but we open this artistic universe to include pieces of furniture, special and unique. Armchairs, lamps, tables … They can become protagonists of the spaces, providing the necessary touch of sophistication.

That yes, so that they do not lose their power and their ‘glamor’ should not be overexposed. The key is to choose which piece or pieces you want to show and which-wonderful though they are-will leave you ‘hidden’ in a second or third plane.

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