Cooking course Marbella

After several years being leaders in commercialization and distribution of kitchens in Marbella, we have achieved a high rate of clients loyal to our work and professionalism. That is why we have opened a new line of n we consider ourselves an event organizer and designer, such as the creation of our Marbella cooking course, which has a great impact since it is an event held for clients and businessmen from other guilds as architects and lawyers. In these events for customers, we offer live cooking with the help of great chefs in the area. This type of event is important for us since we combine the design of our kitchens with the actual gastronomic event, so we teach the functionality of the same, the innovative design, and most importantly, its proper functioning. Therefore cooking courses Marbella become for us a good platform to demonstrate that our services are the best in terms of the interior design sector. We can also show that the materials are of high quality and resistance, something that is very important for us and for our customers.

In this type of event it is also very important to design and decorate the premises where the event is held since it has to be in accordance with the modernity and exclusivity of the event, the people who present themselves, and the kitchen itself. avant-garde realized.

In Design Concept as a competitive advantage, we are able to design and manufacture design decoration, with great capacity to adapt to any space, so we give opportunity that unused spaces can be exploited. With the personalization of the furniture, what we seek is to satisfy your needs, offering a perfect design for your home both in terms of functionality and style. In addition, we offer exclusivity to our client.

In our cooking course Marbella we take care of all kinds of details, lighting, colors, our furniture … etc, so this cooking course is also a sample of what we are capable of doing.

We try to bring innovation in this sector by offering this cooking workshop, and we also give the possibility that companies and clients can organize their own dinner or business lunch, as well as other events, through Design Concept.

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